Boiler components

Product Description

Corrugated tubes:

Flame tubes are the most stressed parts of shell boilers. Compared to plain flame tubes, corrugated flame tubes can withstand higher pressures. VKK STANDARDKESSEL manufactures corrugated flame tubes for their own requirements, but also for other boiler manufacturers. Corrugated flame tubes are produced with a special machine under strictly controlled temperatures (see picture). The size tolerance is in compliance with EN 12953. Approval and acceptance is carried out by authorized technical supervisory organizations.


Economiser and other heating surfaces:

 It is a rule of physics that the temperature of the flue gas downstream of the evaporator is higher than the temperature of the saturated steam. To reduce heat losses, economisers can be installed to pre-heat the feed-water. An efficient range of economizers is available for the CONDOR boilers and other boiler brands. This allows flexible installation arrangement for almost every situation and increases boiler efficiency up to 97,5%. The heating surface is made of plain, spiral or twin rectangular finned tubes depending on the operation parameters as well as on the fuel and the exhaust gas quality


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