CONDORBOILER (steam-boiler)

Product Description

The CONDORBOILER – manufactured by VKK STANDARDKESSEL in GERMANY – is a shell boiler for gaseous, liquid and solid combustibles and is used in industrial and public utilities. We maintained this boiler construction since 1951 under the name of CONDORBOILER with its basic design. It can also be equipped with a super heater if superheated steam is required. 

With added heating surfaces, such as economizers, condensers or air-preheaters the efficiency of the entire system will be increased.

Additionally Low-voltage-heating-elements up to 10 MW can be used. This electric energy is additional to the generated energy by the fuel. For higher energy requirements, medium-voltage-heating-elements can be installed for heating with electricity only.


Capacity range Steam Generator

  • Smoke-Tube-Boiler: 

Steam Capacity 3 – 70 t/h

Steam Temperature ≤ 450°C

Pressure ≤ 38 bar


  • Combo-Boiler: 

Steam Capacity 10 – 70 t/h

Steam Temperature ≤ 450°C

Pressure ≤ 46 bar


All CONDOR types have the following in common:

  • Best thermodynamic design and high quality workmanship 
  • Highest technically possible efficiency
  • Easy operation with low maintenance
  • High quality and time-tested components for firing and control systems
  • Modern manufacturing methods with corresponding quality assurance
  • Inspection and acceptance through TÜV or international code authorities


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