Hot Water Boiler (hot water boiler)

Product Description

Typical fields of use for CONDOR hot water boilers are central heating and district heating stations. Every heating supply system requires reliable heat generators and the reliable CONDOR boiler technology has definitely proved its worth in this respect. Equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and control technology, Condor hot water boilers can master all operation functions. 


The single flame tube CONDOR BOILER is used for outputs of hot water from 4 – 25 MW and as twin flame tube boiler for outputs of 15 – 50 MW.


It is also possible to link up several CONDOR BOILERS to each other (they can even be of different output sizes) to generate the required heating output. This alternative is used quite frequently. The great advantage is to generate a wide range of outputs including low loads. A very high level of efficiency can be achieved by automatically switching the different boilers on or off to get the needed output.


Capacity range Hot Water Generator

  • Smoke-Tube-Boiler 
  • Thermal Output 4 – 50 MW
  • Pressure ≤ 38 bar


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