Monarch® burners WM 20 (150 – 2600 kW)

Product Description


  • Digital combustion management  means optimal combustion figures, continually reproducible setting figures and ease of use;
  • Simple operation;
  • Flexible communication possibilities;
  • Bus communication with external systems and building management systems;
  • New technology advantages;
  • No additional burner controls are necessary as control is effected by the combustion manager. Only a motor protection switch for burner motor and control fusing are required externally;
  • Reduced installation expense;
  • Commissioning and service work takes less time;


Compact and quiet:

  • The newly developed Weishaupt burner monarch® WM 10 is compact, powerful and quiet. It continues the 50 year long success story of the legendary monarch® series;
  • Futuristic fan technology;
  • Fast commissioning, simple servicing;
  • Control variations: 
    • Oil: 3 stage (T) (or 2 stage with low impact start and change-over release) modulating ®;
    • Gas: sliding two stage or modulating (ZM) depending on the type of load control: Within its operating range, the burner’s output is matched to the current heat demand;
  • A number of variations are available to meet the different emission and operating requirements:
  • Version ZM;
  • Version LN (LowNOx);
  • Version ZMI;
  • Version 3LN;
  • Fuels : Natural gas E, Natural gas LL, Liquid petroleum gas B/P, Fuel oil EL (<6 mm2/s at 20°C) to DIN 51 603, T1;
  • Application range: The EN 267 and EN 676 approved Weishaupt oil, gas and dual fuel burners WM 10 are suitable for:
  • Installation on heat exchangers to EN 303;
  • Warm water plant;
  • Steam boilers and hot water plant;
  • Intermittent and continuous operation;
  • Installation on air heaters;


  • Permissible ambient conditions:
  • Ambient temperature during operation:

-10 to + 40 °C (oil/dual fuel burners)

-15 to + 40 °C (gas burners)

  • Humidity: max. 80% relative humidity, no dewpoint;
  • Suitable for use indoors only;
  • For plant in unheated areas certain additional measures may be required (please enquire);



The burners are tested by an independent body and conform to the following standards and EU directives:

  • EN 267 and EN 676;
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility EMV 2004/108/EU;
  • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EU;
  • Pressure Vessel Directive 97/23/EU;
  • The burners carry the CE and CE-PIN label;


The most important advantages:

  • Easy fuel change over between gas and oil on dual fuel burners;
  • Digital combustion management with electronic compound regulation at all ratings;
  • Compact construction;
  • Sound attenuated air inlet as standard for quieter operation;
  • Powerful fan due to the specially developed fan geometry and air damper control;
  • All WM 10 burners are delivered with the mixing head preset for the required output of the burner;
  • IP 54 protection as standard;
  • Easy access to all components, such as: mixing head, air damper and combustion manager;
  • Reliable operation with three stage, sliding multi stage or modulating operation, depending on version and capacity regulation;
  • Computer controlled function test at the factory of each individual burner • Burners can be supplied pre-wired with plug connections;
  • Excellent price/capacity ratio;
  • Well established, global service network;


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