Oil Burners

Oil Burners

  • Size 30, standard version
  • Size 40, standard version
  • Size 50, standard version
  • Sizes 60 and 70, standard version

Product Description

Fuels : HFO

Stated oil throughputs are based on a calorific value of 11.24 kWh/kg for HFO.

Plotted operational ranges represent maximal values measured on idealised flame tubes in accordance with EN 267.

Stated ratings are based on an air temperature of 20 °C and an installation altitude of 500 m above sea level.

For installations at higher altitudes, a reduction in capacity of 1 % per 100 m above sea level should be taken into account.

Voltages and frequencies: The burners are equipped as standard for three-phase alternating current, 400 V, 3 ~, 50 Hz. Other voltages and frequencies are available on application (no additional cost).

Standard burner motor: Insulation Class F, IP 55 protection, IE3 efficiency.



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