The Thermal Oil Plants

InPlan Thermal Oil Boiler alternatively of horizontal or vertical design
Capacity 58-16.00kW

(50.000-13.750.00 Kcal/h)

  • Thermal-Oil Boiler complete with expansion tanks and discharge tanks. 
  • Steel chimneys in various designs and materials. 
  • Indirectly heated steam generators and hot water heaters. 
  • Heat exchangers for heat recovery plants. 
  • Pipe systems with fittings and control apparatus. 
  • Fuel supply systems

Product Description

inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers are automatically operating forced flow heaters with a temperature range up to 400 ˚C, depending on the available heat transfer media.


inPlan Thermal oil Boilers are fitted as standard supply with all commercially available furnaces for fluid or gaseous type fuels. Depending on the range of output and the operational economy, the furnaces are supplied with 2-stage, sliding 2-stage or modulating control.


inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers are provided with all the necessary control and monitoring appliances, ready wired and fitted with multi-core control cables (approx. 10 m) including multi-pin plugs.


inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers are always supplied with a separate control cabinet, which has connecting sockets for the multi-pin plugs. The instrumentation and wiring of the control cabinet is of meticulous execution and in accordance with the VDE directives. Since boiler and control cabinet form a unit ready for plug connections, all that is required at the installation site is the mains connection.


inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers are equipped with spiral casing circulating pumps including coupling, coupling shields, base plate and electric motor. The circulating pumps are virtually free of maintenance. Cooling of the shaft seals is not required.


inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers can also be supplied as packaged units, whereby boiler, circulating pump, shut-off valves and dirt traps are preassembled to give a compact, ready-to-use unit. Expansion tank and discharge tank are supplied for separate mounting. Thus assembly times on site are considerably reduced.


inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers of horizontal design have a front door on hinges which can be swivelled out, providing easy access to the combustion chambers for any cleaning and maintenance work that may be necessary.


inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers have been proven for many years by successful installation in more than 30 countries. 


inPlan Thermal Oil Boilers are economical and reliable.


inPlan Thermal Oil Boiler with natural gas/heavy fuel oil burner, circulating pump, control cabinet Output: 1163 kW (1.000.000 kcal/h) max. outward flow temperature: 300 ˚C.




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