WM50 Monarch® burners

Product Description


  • Digital combustion management means optimum combustion results, always repeatable operating points and easy to operate;
  • Simple operation;
  • Flexible communication possibilities; 
  • Communication with remote control system or with BMS system;
  • Advantages of new technology;
  • No additional burner controls are required since this function is already taken care by the combustion manager. Fuses and eventually, mains disconnect, switch are the only additional items required;
  • Less installation work means less errors: the burners are tested as a complete unit at the factory;
  • Commissioning and service work take less time. The initial presetting of the burner is carried out at the factory. On site, only the site specific operating points have to be adjusted;


Compact and Quiet:

  • The newly developed Weishaupt monarch® WM 50 burner is compact, efficient and quiet. It is the continuation of the 50 years success history of the legendary monarch® series;
  • Advanced blower fan technology;
  • Innovative air damper control;
  • Reduced noise level;
  • Quick commissioning, easy maintenance;
  • Flexible control capability;
  • NR version;
  • Suitable fuels : Natural gas, Propane, Light Oil #2 according to ASTM D396;



Weishaupt WM 50 oil, gas and dual fuel burners are suitable to be used for the following:

  • Installation on heat exchanger;
  • Hot water boiler;
  • Steam boiler and high pressure hot water boiler;
  • Intermittent and continuous operation;
  • Hot air generator;


Permissible ambient conditions:

  • Ambient temperature:

-10 to +40 °C (14 to 104F)

-15 to +40 °C (5 to 104F)

  • Air humidity: max. 80 % relative humidity, no condensation;
  • Suitable only for indoor operation;
  • For installation in unheated rooms under some circumstances special solutions are required;



WM 50 series burners are in compliance with most European and North American applicable standards;


The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Digital combustion management with electronic fuel air ratio controller;
  • Quiet operation due to air inlet equipped with sound absorbing material as standard;
  • High performance blower due to specially designed blower geometry and air damper control system;
  • All WM 50 burners are equipped with modulating sliding sleeve to match required firing rate;
  • Protection class IP 54 as standard;
  • Electromagnetic clutch included as standard on dual fuel burners (WM-GL50);
  • Easy access to all components, such as: mixing head, air damper and combustion manager;
  • Safe operation with sliding two stage/ modulating operation as standard depending on type of modulating controller;
  • Computer aided function test of each individual burner in factory;
  • Excellent price to performance ratio;
  • Worldwide service network;



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