Worldwide, for more than 60 years, Weishaupt industrial burners have been a benchmark for reliability, energy efficiency, noise emissions, and ease of use.

With ratings between 1000 and 11700 kW, the spectrum of possible applications ranges from heating and steam boilers to air heaters and the latest heavy-duty boilers.

Weishaupt’s broad range of industrial burners can be used with almost any gaseous or liquid fuel, ensuring there is the right burner for virtually every job.

Outstanding service

Weishaupt maintains an extensive global sales and service network. Customer service is available every day around the clock. In-house training by Weishaupt ensures the high standard of their service engineers.

For more than six decades, Weishaupt burners have proven themselves on a wide variety of heat exchangers and process plant. Their success stems from a relentless demand for high-quality materials and workmanship, and uncompromising quality control standards.